CFB Software

Digital Recording
LP Recorder LP Recorder Digitally record vinyl LPs and tape cassettes V11.1
LP Ripper LP Ripper Split vinyl LP or tape cassette recordings into tracks ready to make CDs or MP3 files V11.0 
LP Burner LP Burner Create audio CDs from LP Recorder and LP Ripper files V4.0
WAV Joiner WAV Joiner Combine several WAV files into one V5.0
Software Development
Astrobe Astrobe Embedded Development System for ARM Cortex-M0, M3, M4 & M7 Microcontrollers and Xilinx FPGA systems V9.0
Astrobe CPIde Component Pascal Development System for Windows .NET V8.1
Sports Scheduling
Home or Away Home or Away Create fair league schedules for any sport V10.0

* All products are supported on Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 11.